Mormons against gay marriage

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Retrieved 3 February The Sacred Responsibilities of Parenthood. The controversial policies for LGBT persons has made an impression on the general public. Identifying as gay is acceptable [70] [71]. Four myths about former Latter-day Saints. Not without foundation is the contention of some that the homosexuals are today exercising great influence in shaping our art, literature, music, and drama. No more than 34 percent of any other faith group included in the analysis shares this opinion, according to the new report.

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Our experience so far has been that most people coming to us can be helped with it.

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Same-Sex Attraction

First I want to change the question — there are no homosexual members of the church. They may be 1 placed on probation for those desiring to change their behavior2 "disfellowshipped" excluded from participating in the sacraments for a finite period of time while they correct their behavioror 3 excommunicated. Such labels can undermine the person's believe that change is possible On several occasions from — multiple top leaders taught that attractions to those of the same sex won't exist after death, stating "it must be true" [] that "gay or lesbian inclinations" will "not exist post-mortality", [] but only occur "right now in mortality. Adherence to Christian doctrine is expanded to encompass the teachings of The Book of Mormon and other teachings originating with Joseph Smith, who established the Church inin New York State. Movies Satanic worship, church burnings and murder: Justices are weighing whether forcing a religiously conservative Christian baker to design, bake and decorate a wedding cake for a same-sex couple violates the baker's free speech rights.

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Addiction, [51] masturbation, [52] pornography, [53] family dysfunction, [54] [55] [56] smothering mother, [57] distant or weak father, [58] [57] sexual abuse, [59] [60] selfishness, [61] speaking about it, [62] gender non-conforming dress or behavior [63]. Retrieved 30 September Such treatments were designed to "cure" homosexuality by changing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Expressions and identities for sexuality and gender are "separate, but related" aspects of a person [] and stem from similar biological origins. Compare to the archived page from the previous month.

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