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The Democratic presidential hopeful tweeted that the company pays "a lower tax rate than firefighters and teachers. Repeal of legislation prohibiting unions between members of the same sex, and the extension to such unions of all legal rights and privileges presently enjoyed by partners in heterosexual marriages. Those who believe in freedom of speech typically understand that one outcome is that certain people will say bigoted things. Yet America's history of very serious discrimination against blacks, much of which was not just permitted but enforced by the government and through legal channels, has influenced the way many people see freedom of association. Private sexual conduct between consenting adults should never be criminalized. Namespaces Article Talk.

libraterian views gay marriages
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Tuccille From the July issue.

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That fraction might be zero. So there need to be some rules that say who is the biological parent, does the biological father owe child support, and under what conditions. Tuccille From the July issue. In particular, we advocate:

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Laws forbidding recognition of gay marriage are a government intrusion on this inherent right.

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