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He paid a visited to Burt Lancaster on St. At the emotional high point in that particular picture, I felt it was OK to use it. It's kind of a sad thing when a normal love of country makes you a super patriot. Wayne refused to take co-director credit. He came back here and went to work sending food and gifts to U. This stupid site can be edited by anyone. Walsh said he was reading a biography on General "Mad" Anthony Wayne and suggested that name.

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Look at 20th Century-Fox, where they're making movies like Myra Breckinridge Looking at the time periods that these quotes were taken from might also give evidence, as Wayne's position may have been the defacto standard. Contemporaries like James Dean and Marlon Brando also did.

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My father registered in the same time period and was classifed 4F, leaving him very dissapointed.

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