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If anything, hyper-effeminate women tend to be average or a bit short. The problem with your observation is very simple: Then immediately she flops this huge towel over her entire waist-and-hips. As the always brilliant TGGP says, until you produce the birth certificate or pictures of her private parts, I will happily continue to assume she is an attractive woman. Looks like a normal camel toe to me. The "Khalnayak" director brought Meghna into his home when she was just a little girl.

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Believe it or not it's true.

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Inshe went on to adopt son Duke. Does Sandra Bullock play in Law and Order? I'll reiterate that it gives the best evidence one way or the other at the 40 sec mark.

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Tomboys tend to have guyish speech, facial expressions, body language.

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