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He has also hypnotised people to rob a security van and try to "kill" Stephen Fry. When this ball of light envelops you, that pleasure surges through your body and mind, filling you with a deep and powerful pleasure that shuts down any thoughts or concerns that might be drifting around in your mind. You might be wondering why your staring even though it hurts. Those patients who reached a deep level of hypnotic trance were most likely to show a marked improvement. Tuesday 12 February Case of homosexuality treated by aversion therapy. Letting each word relax you just a bit more, make you a bit more calm and obedient.

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Of course you would.

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And when I say that last number, you will fall twice as deep as you are now, letting it all go with. The cure of homosexuality. Tuesday 12 February Erotic pleasure crashing through your body and mind, so good, so horny, so happy, filling you up, floating in this pure euphoria, pure bliss…. Likewise, since you enjoy going into trance, your subconscious mind will find it quite easy to let these words melt deeply into your mind as you find that your conscious mind is just starting to shut off now. You will also send me a message thanking me for bringing you into trance.

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And now the light recedes back out of your body and those wonderful feelings begin to subside. Of course you would. Results were evaluated in terms of the patient's subsequent behaviour and his subjective feelings. Sinking so deep, feeling so wonderful and aroused and happy. The suggestions contained in this spiral are more intense than my Introductory spiral, and as you watch, you will find your submission to me deepening and my control over you growing stronger. Sit back and let yourself follow my words.

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