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This Is Your Brain on Drugs. Back Psychology Today. Conversely, for the same reason that taller men are reproductively more successful than shorter men, shorter women attain greater reproductive success than taller women. Get Listed Today. Further, by refraining from direct reproduction themselves, men who have dimmer reproductive prospect by being short, for example can help and aid the reproductive success of their siblings with more promising prospect. Steven Pinker is the Einstein of psycholinguistics. The evolutionary psychological logic thus suggests that taller women have relatively less to lose, reproductively speaking, by becoming exclusively or predominantly homosexual.

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Why strict, conservative churches are strong.

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Remember, beauty is not only skin deep, and beautiful people do have better genes. Compared to other men, extremely handsome men are often least homosexual, and homosexual men are least physically attractive. While this may go against the common stereotype, it makes perfect evolutionary sense. Continue Reading.

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Such is the power of the evolutionary psychological imagination:

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