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Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Lovably dense Riley Argiris Karras was the star quarterback of the Degrassi football team. Paige Michalchuk and Alex Nunez became friends out of thin air in season four and in season five their relationship turned romantic. The best-known gay in the village, Marco Adamo Ruggiero saw incredible highs and lows during his time as a student and again in his return as a student teacherincluding a failed relationships, a falling-out with his BFF, gay-bashing, and a lunkhead named Spinner. He dates the openly gay Zane but keeps it a secret, though he finally comes out to his mom in season We may use this data for analytics, advertising, and improving user experience.

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So what are you INTO?

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VIDEOS: 10 Times Degrassi Went For It With LGBT Moments

That dynamic continued into the following season, but when Grace ultimately dumped Zoe, backlash followed. He dates the openly gay Zane but keeps it a secret, though he finally comes out to his mom in season The course of true love does not run smoothly, though, and Riley cannot bring himself to come out to his family, leading to a rift with Zane. Next Generation alum, Fiona Annie Clark came to Canada by way of Manhattan, where she was raised by her wealthy but troubled family. Her most notable relationship was with Fiona. After a talk with his mom, Mrs. All is well until he leaves for college:

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Lettau, like Golja and Osborne, has been with the show since its previous incarnation, The Next Generation. A recurring character from Season 11, Charlie Tamara Duarte was an out lesbian who also had an fiery romance with Fiona. Insecure about his appearance, the dramatic Tristan Lyle Lettau tries to impress his crush with a starvation cleanse, only to suffer a heart attack. And that would never have been a reality way back when it first started. The Degrassi franchise has been on television in one format or another since Having fallen for Zane, Riley endures a blackmail attempt, before finally embracing their relationship publicly.

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