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When he knelt down to scrub his legs he glanced up and spotted Wakka watching him from a distance. Plus, the majority of this chapter is a flashback. Hehe look at the Aurok making excuses. Like a bullet, the teen took off to his right, making sure not to trip on any spare blitzball on the ground of the empty Stadium. Boards Final Fantasy X Wakka concern?

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He didn't know what course of action should be taken next and felt ashamed for the feelings he was developing for Tidus.

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Still facing the shower, he turned his head around and asked with a suggestive voice-- "Care to join me Wakka? Tidus face instantly turned bright red. The stadium along with the city was packed back then but not anymore. On the floor, laid a blitzball which wasn't there before. He grabbed his favorite ball, Striker, from the side of his bed and exited the grass hut.

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The redhead lazily looked forward, took a deep breath, and did his final whistle. Well in that case, Lulu could be bisexual and Rikku could be a lesbian. He didn't want Wakka to let him go, it felt so right to be in his arms. Your review has been posted. Tidus winked back and spun the ball on his right index finger.

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