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It's makin' me fuckin' cum! As both the brothers were young, and very virile, it was obvious that this first fuck, for the younger lad, was not going to last long — which may well have been a little disappointing for the arena audience. Of course they couldn't lift themselves high enough to get the bronze 'knob' out of their rectum, and quickly they sank down, impaling themselves a little further — which resulted in a reflex of pushing themselves up again. They then slit open his hairy ball-bag, to expose his testicles. Both boys then had the task of getting 'hard' again — very quickly — for the second fuck. Then, at regular intervals, the screw is turned, forcing the wooden 'cock-head' further and further up into the naked, writhing boy's horribly stretched rectum.

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The naked, mutilated, impaled corpse would then be dragged, by ropes with hooks inserted into the heels to the Spoilarium, where the messy and smelly job of removing the deeply embedded shaft and 'knob' from the slave's body would be undertaken by arena-slaves.

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At that point the slave had great difficulty breathing, as his nostrils were blocked up, and his mouth was stuffed full with his own severed, and fully erect, penis. Being very pampered slave-boys, the lads were well muscled, 'well-hung', and shaved all over including the perineum and anal areaexcept for a neat trimmed, thick, curly pubic bush, and a little, trimmed hair under the arms. It was at this point that the naked boys once again became aware of the appalling fate that awaited them.

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Pulling on his already jerking prick, the naked young lad used his sizeable 'equipment' to 'skewer' his older brother's tight, but welcoming butt-hole.

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