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We tend to ignore pleasure as part of the business of politics — at our peril. All this was connected to being queer; indeed, it was part of being queer. Oxenburg notwithstanding, it does seem that lesbian radical culture in particular has developed in a rather different direction to gay male radical culture. Retrieved from " https: I was condemned like a vampire. The analogy with homosexuality as a secret erotic practice works in two contradictory ways.

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Just as there were Black Nationalist discourses saying that queerness is a white problem, so there were white racist theories seeing homosexuality as a sign of the inherent weakness or inferiority of other races, citing notably the effeteness of Indian cultures and the acceptance of the berdache in Native American nations.

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A gag is made out of this: It would be trickier to make the same sort of case in relation to gay men. These examples suggest that the mainstream has many outer or insecure tribu- taries.

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The Big Combo is a B-picture that can allow itself pretty well unequivocally queer characters in minor roles, but Dead Reckoning must supply heterosexuality, not out of any homophobic consciousness, but because main male characters played by stars have to have a woman its part of their heterosexual appeal and because a noir femme fatale is never going to be ignored by a hero.

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