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Matthew Wayne Shepard Shepard said his family had long searched for a fitting resting place for his son, who was once an altar boy in the Episcopal Church. Shepard's parents previously said the National Cathedral was the only place they believed their son's remains would be safe from desecration. I knew what went where, and what I fantasized about, but without any kind of information from school I wish so much that I'd learned some of the basics thereTV, friends, or, god forbid, my parents, I was in the dark and too scared to look into it, or ask, for fear of looking stupid. Of course I'd report foreign dirt to the FBI.

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Tim Saxon also attended to pay his respects.

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Recent Stories. This story has been shared 65, times. The exuberance of London liberated me.

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I remember watching TV growing up and, at the slightest whiff of two people engaging in even the most innocuous act of intimacy—a kiss, a doe-eyed look that might lead to a kiss—the channel would be changed huffily by my parents.

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