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I think our day in Jamaica was atypical. It also works in Mexico where gay travel is common and welcomed and would be a good destination. She said that their first day on the island, they went to the post office. And it has Chris Blackwell, the community-minded music producer turned forward-thinking hotelier, who is hopeful that things will turn around. Hedonism II or Hedo, as the regulars call it is an all-inclusive, adults-only, clothing-optional property in Negril.

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Even here in the UK, Jamaican men are anti-homosexuals and as in Jamaica are not afraid to voice their opinions regarding them.

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Being Gay and Traveling to Jamaica

But on the other side of the coin, I have a gay male friend in Jamaica who is a dancer and lives in fear of his life constantly in case his sexual preferences are revealed and even pretends to have girlfriends to avoid suspicion and just a few close friends know his secret. We saw a few instances of public sex —it was there if you really were looking for it, but it seemed more natural than anything and not salacious to me. Oh we have alternates. Never mind the One Love thing or the fact that Noel Coward lived there for years. Now some of those resorts are couples only same sex accepted.

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Inside your resort you may have some of the resort staff whispering to each other while talking about you but generally, resort staff are tolerant to gays and lesbians, although many may personally find your status to be disgusting. His sense of humor is killer and his personality is real — my kind of people! ABTA member P so you are fully protected. This is what she had to say at my request to mention her service:. Is Jamaica gay friendly.

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