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Round 5 was pure naked wrestling. It was Paul asking if I wanted to come over that evening. Jake had given me some ointment to apply to the Eagle tattoo to keep it from getting inflamed and heal faster. Please turn it on in your browser and reload the page. Not understanding it at all, yet there was a yearning that could not be defined during High School.

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I moved my head back, exposing his saliva covered cock to the elements as my tongue explored his crotch.

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It tasted like shit. Utter masculinity, it tasted fantastic. Bottoming For My Roomie by mgw2 Oct 22, Seeing him in school was different after that. Different Tonight A father and a son reunion.

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I even started spending the night sometimes. At first he said no. Soon, our groins touched, our cocks met through the cotton of our underpants, our pouches pressed together as we struggled to push each other over. I found myself spreading them apart, grabbing his ass and pulling his ass towards me. Man, I shot a huge load of jizz! His facial shape is rectangular. Well, at that age, a few beers has a strange effect, and eventually he invited me to stay over, rather that going home, so I said OK.

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