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Now the boys knew why they had seen only a dozen or so at the initiation; this was an ambush. All the college guys, though they may not be in reality, put on this facade of your typical college douchebag. Some Like It Hot. Advanced Search. You made me dive into the deep end, you saved me from myself, and damn They were just stunned. Granted, extensive research has shown that all-male college groups like fraternities and sports teams tend to adopt more hypermasculine attitudes than the rest of the student population.

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What is less obvious was the source of his embarrassment.

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It was one of their frat brothers' voices! Schools could require fraternity members to attend a several-week course about healthy masculinities led by an outside party and workshops on violence and sexual assault prevention, which studies have found are more effective in male-only groups. You, however, may be by the time you finish reading these sexy pieces of erotic fiction.

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Examples abound.

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