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Dana and Alice, "The L Word" Marshall and Lionel, "United States of Tara" And I wondered what they did after they left Miami, what their life was like, if they were happy, if Blanche and the girls ever visited. But I know that people tend to confuse the two, so I went to Live Local's aerial maps and began methodically looking at every address in Pasadena, South Pasadena and Altadena, focusing on the east-west streets. Blanche, who had previously dealt with Clayton's coming out a few seasons prior, still had trouble wrapping her head around the whole gay thing. A private home - but not in Berkeley or Newport Beach.

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I should be off.

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The End's Not Near, It's Here

Justice of the Peace David Paluck Lafayette and Jesus, "True Blood" Adrianna and Gia, "" Speaking of cool characters that help to reshuffle stereotypes in the ol' collective consciousness, Rachel Bilson's Summer Roberts did quite a bit towards championing the idea that popular, attractive, rich, white girls aren't just like, totally vapid, or whatever. The house is also the location of Julie and Bullit's attempted marriage.

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But they were few and far between. There's that time Summer went to prom with a musician from the band Big Koreawhich is almost definitely a reference to Adam Brody's then band, Big Japan. In the space of four seasons, Summer went from being all " Chino, EW " to becoming one of the show's smartest, more dynamic characters. Blanche's gay brother Clayton was back in town and getting married to a hot, mustachioed cop named Doug. You can take the boys out of Chino…. Kaitlin Cooper Kevin Sorbo

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