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I think they're sick. The pressure to marry is much greater in Muslim countries than in most western countries. Little is known about the personal views and experiences of medical and psychology professionals in the United Kingdom who attempted to make homosexual men and women heterosexual in the 20th century. He never sees paradise, and, also unlike Owein, he emerges from the purgatory without a desire to become a monk. These, along with tales of women cross-dressing, were the subject of angry reactions from men out of proportion to their actual incidence. You are already subscribed to this email. Self-castration offered a means to punish the women who disrupted this system.

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Relayed in medical texts and popular ballads, such actions typically occurred as a response to emotional distress.

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We identified 44 professionals, of whom 30 aged 50 to 80 years agreed to participate. Both the Quaker and his wife will be shamed when his gelding becomes common knowledge, and the community response to them will be akin to that levelled at cuckolds: The emerging discipline of clinical psychology was influenced by seminal work that suggested neurotic disorders were acquired through faulty learning and might respond to behaviour modification.

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