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April 12, 5: Carry Me Awry by utopiate Fandoms: This is a work of fiction. It stood out, thick as a cucumber, and almost as long. Man, I ain't no faggot.

And then a technician had to reset the lights after a powercut.

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Fic: Gay For Pay – Part 3 of 3 - Eminem (NC-17)

WWE superstar Becky Lynch has suffered a serious injury and has been deemed unfit to compete at Wrestlemania. And so was he. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. You wouldn't know he'd just jerked off on camera if it wasn't for the color still staining his cheeks. Matt led Eminem into the next room. Marshall sucked hard, hollowing his cheeks around the finger, tasting his own cum for the first time ever. Author has written 2 stories for Misc.

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And who the hell names themselves something as dweeby as 'Slim Shady', anyway? He had also realized something, now that he was finally relaxing. They broke apart, Eminem licking up Matt's cum. He sure did look like a skinhead. Hot slash in later chapters! This is the first fic that I've actually published. You are commenting using your Facebook account.