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According to Novaya Gazeta and credible NGO reports, during her visit to Chechnya, local authorities misled her and attempted to cover up the killings. Retrieved 15 April — via The Guardian. This is a unique memoir of an Austrian who spent six years in Sachsenhausen and Flossenburg, surviving as a lover of camp kapos, and ultimately as one of the very few kapos with a pink triangle. So, my doctor understood the issues. It is "normal" to organize the life of an inmate; it is "singular" to view the life of a prisoner as being of almost no value.

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Primary Sources.

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They see an aura of normality being created and fear that the basic anti fascist consensus in the Federal republic might end. Some homosexuals were interned under other categories by mistake, and Nazi officials purposefully miscategorized some political prisoners as homosexuals. Tags Filter Tags: While they are safe there from the immediate threat of detention, they risk being tracked down by family members of the Chechen diaspora if they remain in Russia.

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She asserts "anti-victimists transformed discussions of social obligation, compensations and remedial or restorative procedures into criticisms of the alleged propensity of self-anointed victims to engage in objectionable conduct.

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