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Sign the petition. This comment has been deleted. Today, Busby Berkeley would be years old. According to various sources, Busby Berkeley's net worth has grown significantly in Best Dance Direction One evening after a cocktail party and a tire blow-out, Berkeley crashed his car, killing three people.

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Judy broke down and said, I have to work on a movie set during the day and then at night the studio makes me record songs, I'm exhausted and my head is spinning.

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Over the next five years Busby achieved international fame and reigned supreme as the pre-eminent dance director and choreographer of Hollywood musicals, experimenting and developing exciting new techniques in each new film, such as the overhead shot, or the close up of individual girls and the use of just one camera, placing it in unusual positions to make the audience a participant in the action, without a fixed perspective. Like sixty Ruby Keeler heads spinning in unison and dissolving to an enormous eye, and then the eye's pupil opens like a camera shutter and Ruby herself shoots up through it, smiling and dewy, for an extreme close-up. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles.

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Lightly based on the much racier backstage potboiler by former vaudeville dancer Bradford Ropes, 42nd Street was intended to marry the dark, urban gangster picture with the spectacular, exhilarating musical—a genre that was waning after its initial explosion following the introduction of sound.

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