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I told him, "Oh, I do that all the time. After such a busy day I'm really tired And glad to go to bed with Ben Gay. With silver in their hair, gold in their teeth, stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet and gas in their stomachs. My two sisters are prompt in paying their share, but our brother is hard to get any money out of. The preacher came to call the other day. He said that at my age, I should be thinking about the hereafter. After that Arthur Ritis shows up And stays the rest of the day.

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Then I go to see John.

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The preacher came to call the other day. I'd also tell him that if he doesn't, he'll be excluded from the gift and the card and Mom will really be hurt. Simplicity is the best measure. My neighbor wants to fool around with me?

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If we exclude him, it would hurt Mom's feelings, so we need to know how else to handle this.

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