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We're going to do a lot of personal stuff with our fans. I don't know, because that's the one we always say, so I'm drawing a blank. They're all just great guys to work with. When asked what it feels like for gay fans to want one or more of the Backstreet Boys members to be gay, McLean gushed, "I think it's awesome. It's not going to go away.

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The Depressing Reason Why This Backstreet Boy Hopes His Daughters Are Gay

I think everybody's equal, period. Come to find out that they were both real, and that they were her parents' wedding rings and realized that she was in deep caca. No pun intended on our end. Not even once have we felt that any of the writers or producers were trying to one-up us. It makes the recording process much more fun now than it ever was before. McLean added that it's amazing he turned out straight. And I was singing, "I'll never break

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And three, they don't belong back here. She had given me these two rings. What has been your most insane encounter with a fan? We always have a press schedule that we look at, or an e-mail that comes in, of the city that we're at and the stations that we're doing interviews at and who's working that day and who's doing press. But -- like what Brian said -- it's always going to be happening.

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