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Google Scholar. The Russian authorities should carry out an effective investigation into the anti-gay abuses and hold those responsible to account. Despite the widespread acceptance of internalized homophobia as a valid concept within lesbian and gay health and social scientific arenas, there are a number of concerns around an undiscriminating acceptance of the term as a research-orientated and theoretical paradigm. Work by Margolies et al. They began to humiliate us, verbally, using obscene words, calling us fags, asking which one of us is active, which one passive, whether we derived pleasure [from having sex with a man]. Latest Most Read Most Cited Patterns of drinking alcohol and intentions to binge drink among medical students in Vietnam.

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The concept suggests weakness rather than the resilience demonstrated by lesbians and gay men, and keeps the focus away from the structures of inequality and oppression. Wagner, G. There is no clear consensus over the most salient aspects of homophobia and there may also be problems with scales which suggest that discomfort regarding disclosure is a valid measure of internalized homophobia.

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Chechen police came to his home, claiming they wanted to question him about an alleged crime.

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