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Only by default. Our relationship is still the same. I desperately hang on; one day I feel like throwing him out, the next I try to convince myself it won't be so bad, all the while grateful for every moment I have left with him. Black Voices. Two months into therapy, Diana realized that she fit the classic profile of a transsexual, but internally she was still fighting that classification. This New World. I have a friend who identified her whole life as a lesbian, but fell in love with and married a man.

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Echoing Hari's response, Andrea, who in the 30 years of being "out" as a woman has had to ward off stalkers, death threats, and public bullying, agrees that many transgender women dress to fit in out of fear.

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Lucky gets more pushback than I do. Already a Subscriber? And it got to the point that the feelings were so bad that she finally had to put a word to it and let me know.

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