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Parents were more satisfied and children were more well-adjusted when labor involved in child care was more evenly distributed between the parents. Furthermore, a regression analysis suggested the following variables were associated with higher levels of family functioning: Our bodies are incredibly powerful, but so is the myth surrounding their ability to recover after birth. Adolescents of the U. No significant differences were found between the two types of households for boys and few significant differences for girls. Adoption is known to promote cognitive and emotional development in children from foster care, but policy debates remain regarding whether children adopted by gay and lesbian parents can achieve these positive outcomes.

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The gay fathers in this study all became parents while in same-sex relationships.

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Sullins, D. Parents who divided paid and unpaid labor more unequally had children whose occupational aspirations were also more traditional. Hoeffer, B. Participating children averaged 7 years of age.

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Studies confirm kids raised in lesbian and gay families grow up to be just fine, and basically the same as people who were raise in heteronormative households.

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