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Homosexual behavior and homosexuality in our blog. Expresed in feminine by patriarchal feminization to gay men. The FAGC share the same target as that of its predecessor: Furthermore, the Lambda Institute published a magazine with the same name: The use and abuse of this word by the Africans, caused it was used by slave traders to name the black captives.

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In this way, the nuances that separate Greek pederasty and platonic love of crime and abuse, are eliminated.

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So, the term Canco would be another case in which there has been a semantic leap of the negative characteristics of some men to gay men, by the mere fact of being, as it has happened with other words such as Palomo and Pato. Means sissy. In addition to the search and investigation, we highlight the following sources:

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To combat this they spread the idea that in the area of Bulgaria was a sect that practiced sodomy.

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