Questions against gay marriages

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But there is nothing in the Kennedy opinion that offers any assurance that the religious beliefs and practices of the shrinking religious minority who are opposed to same-sex marriage will be respected by the Supreme Court. John Paul II said, the body reveals the person. Sexual difference makes it possible for two human persons to fully unite. More troubling, the suggestion that one not infrequently encounters that it would be a sufficient rationale for doing so betrays an alarmingly hollow view of what marriage actually stands for. Discover similar content through these related topics and regions. Here is the question: In fact, marriages play a crucial role in society.

questions against gay marriages
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Weddings will be bigger, but marriages will be weaker.

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However, there are ways to grant or secure such rights without redefining marriage. All of this should be fairly straightforward and obvious. What judgments should be left to democratic processes and what judgments should be insulated against majoritarian politics?

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Homosexual practice is seen to dis-integrate sexuality from its proper ends, leading to a more general sexual and existential disorientation within society as a whole.

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