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Forging Identity in Vermont," in David S. This fact-check has been updated to include Sanders' positions and comments to the Associated Press. Those gave couples some of the same legal protections as marriage, but they didn't provide federal benefits and weren't recognized by other states. Retrieved July 23, That was my motive. Retrieved from " https:

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There was a big rhubarb, a lot of fear-mongering, and now people realize there was nothing to be afraid of.

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NBC's Chuck Todd: Bernie Sanders was 'there' on same-sex marriage 20 years ago

Archived from the original on June 11, Operating from a central bureau in Nashville, Tenn. The bill, best known as DOMA, empowered states to disregard same-sex marriages that might be legal in other states. It came months after the Vermont Supreme Court ordered the legislature either to legalize "gay marriage" or something like it. She only recently declared that she opposed the Keystone XL pipeline that would link oil from the tar sand fields of Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Todd said that Sanders was "there" 20 years ago on the issue of same-sex marriage. Bernie Sanders and his presidential campaign serve as an almost constant reminder that Hillary Clinton has not always taken the lead on issues near and dear to the more liberal members of the Democratic Party.

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But since then, two New England states -- Connecticut and New Hampshire -- have legalized civil unions, and another state, Massachusetts, has legalized "gay marriage. Armenia Estonia Israel Mexico 1 Netherlands 2. There was a small minority opposed to discriminating against our gay brothers and sisters, and I am proud that I was one of those members! The Senate also defeated two proposed constitutional amendments designed to nullify the Baker decision, one that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman and another that reserved to the Legislature all authority to define the benefits of marriage. What we found specific to same-sex marriage is that Sanders opposed defining marriage exclusively as between a man and a woman.

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