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Help us keep Snopes. We now know for sure: Horner was far from the only one to allege the 44th president was a homosexual: Producing reliable fact-checking and thorough investigative reporting requires significant resources. During the election cycle, Paul Horner crafted numerous untrue stories that nonetheless went viral—including pieces alleging protesters were being paid to disrupt Trump rallies and an article claiming President Obama was gay and a Muslim. He considered his work satire, says to J.

The story also contained another regurgitation of a transphobic slur against former First Lady Michelle Obama, and closed with this line:.

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Did ‘Barack Obama’s Stylist’ Reveal He Is ‘a Gay’?

The gay Obama article first appeared on NewsExaminer. Filed Under barack obamaspecialonthe last line of defense. Claim Former President Barack Obama's stylist revealed to a conservative web site that he caught Obama in the middle of a gay tryst. InHorner told The Washington Post that Trump supporters ate his flimsy reporting with a fork and spoon. A prolific fake-news writer has been found dead in his home outside Phoenix, the result of a possible overdose.

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In the made-up interview, Horner told Downey that Obama constantly berated Christians, forced the pretend agent to listen to Diana Ross, and had staff harass a Facebook page about a masturbating dolphin. Barack Obama is a gay. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Make a direct contribution today. Filed Under barack obamaspecialonthe last line of defense.