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Transgender individuals that are looking to accomplish facial feminization seek hair restoration to not only feel better about themselves but to also further the process to achieving the look of their personal identity. If you choose to continue shaving and waxing, as many women tend to do, we can recommend great products to help reduce the appearance and occurrence of bumps and ingrown hair. She had just finished updating her official documents with her new name, and she was determined to find a job with an employer who accepted her. She went to Hollywood, scavenging for food and sleeping wherever she could. Please consider subscribing today to support stories like this one.

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At 17, Starks found herself on the street alone.

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What are your preferred gender pronouns? One of our experienced patient advocates will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation for your hair and scalp evaluation and analysis. To help young people like Starks overcome homelessness, he said, it's important to be as inclusive as possible. Lopez asks each new person:

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While there are several different ways to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is one of the most permanent and effective options.

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