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They had tried to get more people and fund more bombes through the proper channels, but had failed. Very early in life, Turing showed signs of the genius that he was later to display prominently. Retrieved 30 June Irish Institute of Psychological Medicine. It was based on plans for a larger computer the ACE designed by the mathematician Alan Turing between and And this sunny, cheerful visage had shrunk into a pale, shaking, horror-stricken face. We found a fortune-teller's tent and Alan said he'd like to go in so we waited around for him to come back

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As a youth, Turing had been told by a gypsy fortune-teller that he would be a genius.

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It is always difficult to say that anyone is 'absolutely indispensable', but if anyone was indispensable to Hut 8, it was Turing. Turing's Legacy: He would have known that his offence was against the law and that he would be prosecuted.

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