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There is also a transgender character as prey and incest play. Taking a deep breath, I leaned over to put my face in his lap and bumped my head on his steering wheel In more way than one. A fat pound man goes to this pred's ass. Bullets of hail peppered the roofing and darts of icy moisture pelted the ground in frothing waves of vapor and rising heat off the luminescent bulbs and heaters adjacent to the plethora of buildings layering the concrete jungle. Trance 2D again By:

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At a vore club, a demon stuffs a man down his cock, churns him into cum, then uses it as lube to stuff another man up his ass.

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Gay vore stories

Incest gay, pleasurable, or all of the above? And misery does love company. Lonely and Scared By: The protagonist of "A Fatty Meal" and his prey meet again. I love the way you worship my cock, but I need to get it geared up to breed my new assistant. Paul loves eating his girls, especially when they are stuffed themselves. Slight sister-on-sister incest in a vore context.

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While the lights shined evermore within the storming darkness, a particular dwelling was bereft of light, devoid of inhabitants. At a vore club, a man meets two people who want to be slurped down his cock, churned into cum and pumped into his boyfriend's guts. My Charming college roommate. This is a completely fictional story of a gay guy"s public sexual experience with a supposed straight drunken guy I can"t dare to reveal my sexual orientation. Taking a deep breath, I leaned over to put my face in his lap and bumped my head on his steering wheel It almost came by accident but it was the beginning of a long steamy affair

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