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I could have pointed out how this group was revolutionary because it did not address in its fiction an apology for gay life to a straight reader, as all previous gay writing had done, even Genet's. Gay Geeks: Refinery Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Pat is openly gay. It is a running joke that Barry is a closeted gay man who is frequently thinking of outlandish excuses to conceal his true activities. We're never present in this novel.

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Jarman's interest is more modern than historical, but he forcefully and playfully makes his point about homophobia through the ages.

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It's instilling this fear in those who don't feel it already. Writing a biography of someone such as Sartre, for instance, is primarily a question of what to exclude in an overly documented life. When I turned to The Farewell Symphonythe last volume of my autobiographical trilogy, I had just come out of the experience of researching and writing the Genet biography.

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Peter Denyer Jeremy Bulloch.

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