Gay parenting effects

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A longitudinal study of psychological adjustment. Few differences have been found between lesbian mothers and heterosexual mothers in terms of psychological functioning, self-esteem, depression, anxiety and attitudes and practices in child rearing, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Journal List Linacre Q v. Josh on June 13, at It is harmful to suggest that legal validation of a same-sex family will cause damage to separate, heterosexually parented children.

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Psychological adjustment of year-old adolescents.

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Study: Same-Sex Parenting Hurts Kids More Than We Think

Mothers are more responsive to the distinctive cries of infants: A Canadian study Allenwhich analyzed data from a very large population-based sample, revealed that the children of gay and lesbian couples are only about 65 percent as likely to have graduated from high school as are the children of married, opposite-sex couples. In fact, as we know that stable, married parents are associated with good child welfare outcomes, it would be beneficial for children from same-sex families to have parents who are married. Where all things are equal, children do best with their biological parents. Malcolm Smith on July 22, at It is important to look at these outlier studies in detail. We cannot harm these children for no valid reason.

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Not exactly the unbiased scientific method that you learned about in high school. These studies have also demonstrated the negative psychological, educational, and social effects on children who have been deprived of growing up in a home with both biological parents who are married to each other. While some researchers have tended to conclude that there are no differences whatsoever in terms of child outcomes as a function of parental sexual orientation, such conclusions appear premature in the light of more recent data in which some different outcomes have been observed in a few studies. How does the world of heterosexual parenting stack up, by comparison? US national longitudinal lesbian family study:

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