Gay gene refuted by science

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Sex, Cells, and Same-Sex Desire: The statistics from the census are not figures grabbed from the air and placed on a political sign or Web site to promote a particular agenda. Several genomic studies have suggested regions that might influence sexual orientation, but they have relied on small numbers of participants and have been challenged repeatedly. Categories that emerged when analyzing the data were the following: Correlates and gender differences. Such genes may be expressed, not expressed e.

gay gene refuted by science
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Studies of identical twins, which share exactly the same DNA, show that the identical twin of a homosexual man is more likely to identify as straight than gay.

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Furthermore, in a scientific environment where controls and standards are a necessity, LeVay did not possess a complete medical history of the individuals included in his study. Self, self-concept, identity, and homosexuality identity: If we factor in the reality that male homosexuals are a very small proportion of the population and constitute a relatively closed group, the communicability of illnesses is correspondingly magnified. So, exactly what fraction of the population do homosexuals actually represent?

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Given that we know today that the brain exhibits plasticity, one must ask if the act of living a homosexual lifestyle itself might be responsible for the difference LeVay noted?

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