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He began to thrust backwards onto Teds cock. Kevin kept up his pace as he finally got his hands free from Sami. No way in hell! John Cena walked through the halls of the arena; he was tired after a long and gruelling Royal Rumble match where he was unable to walk out victorious. He would finally get the chance to fuck the one and only sexy Aj Styles!

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Once he had licked between each finger Ryan made him eat out his ass until all of his own cum was licked out.

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Author has written 13 stories for Wrestling. John sat back on the couch as he started to stroke his own dick. With all the women he had ever been with, none had ever made him feel this way before. He slowly kissed up and down the shaft, before taking his tongue and running it up and down each of the large veins. Cena got up soon after only to see Batista celebrating his win with the fans. John kneeled on the couch above Sami's crotch as he slowly began to stroke the man. The Miz breathed heavily as he watched Sheamus kick off his shorts from around his ankles before taking off his tank top to reveal his powerful frame that was doused with sweat.

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Ted loved that his cock was gagging Aj and took his head and pushed it into his cock in a fast swift motion. Ted began to feel a tingly sensation in his lower abdomen as he thought about being around Styles shirtless. Aj had been with many women over the years and had never thought about being gay but something about the disgusting experience turned him on. Ted began to rim Aj's asshole to make it an enjoyable experience for himself. He groaned softly as he slowly stroked his cock, joining Cena and Orton in their motions as the look down at CM Punk who is getting his face fucked lightly by Triple H as he groans louder and louder by each thrust. After looking at the figures for WWE's recent Vengeance pay-per-view and seeing them lower than ever, the senior McMahon was frustrated.

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