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I actually do love Brian the way he is now because he's more of "that guy you know through a friend of a friend" as opposed to a cardboard cutout, but yes. Also, I think it jumped the shark a long while ago, around the first Star Wars special was when I felt that they were really scraping the barrel. In my opinion family guy jumped your shark. This thread is locked. That is why a show can start off as amusing both the simpsons and family guy did this for their first couple of seasons before really taking off by doing braver and stranger things. Oct 6, I think they should limit Herbert's appearances or give him new material.

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By far the most WTF Bruce moment, in this scene he's a shark that's debating the health benefits of eating two gay men in the movie that Peter is watching called Jaws 5:

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Family Guy is treacherously close to jumping the shark.

I thought the murder mystery one was great. He has several jobs, which have included working at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory, a fishermanand currently as a shipping clerk at the Pawtucket Brewery. Untold Story, all she did was drop F-bombs constantly just so they could put "Uncensored!! Brian Griffin Returns to Family Guy". This kind of came to a head in an episode where they had the main character Fonzy jump a shark. The homosexual Stewie is annoying and soft, IMO. We've recently seen this phenomena with Futurama.

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And i do realize that this post may very well go to waste since 10 people may see it, and 2 people out of those 10 may actually read it. HarvestMoon4meJul 24, Cast members Guest stars Writers Awards. I do find most episodes of this particular show to be very good, plus i rarely am aware of these changes you mentioned unless it was laid out for me, so maybe i'm too lenient by your standards. Family Guy became bad the moment Fox wanted it back. Family Guy is not as good as before, still reasonably funny, but is preparing to follow The Simpsons down that long dark road to the bottom of the chuckle bucket. Family guy was always bad tbh, alway "like that time when I" or fart jokes or some other shit.

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