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Gay Star News. May 30, When it comes to allies within the system, the very high proportion of gay men among Chinese reporters probably helps. Her most famous piece is " Miss Sophia's Diary ", a seminal work in the development of a voice for women's sexuality and sexual desire. Inthe Chinese Society of Psychiatry declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder, however, without specifically declaring homosexuality as "not a psychological disorder", which effectively resulted in psychiatric facilities across the country still considering homosexuality as a mental disorder on various degrees and continuing to offer conversion therapy treatments. CS1 maint:

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All-China Women's Federation.

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The Chinese government's approach to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage has been described as "fickle" and as being "no approval; no disapproval; no promotion. She alleged their marriage was just a lie since the man could not admit he was gay to his parents. However, isolated manuscripts have survived.

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Dong was noted for his relative simplicity contrasted with the highly ornamented court, and was given progressively higher and higher posts as part of the relationship, eventually becoming the supreme commander of the armed forces by the time of Emperor Ai's death.

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