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Published by Gaymagination Media. Despite the fact that it's never worked, the idea of homosexuality being "curable" remains a common myth among the evil and stupid. Julie Harren Hamilton, PhD is a rare female gay converter who proves ladies can do anything, including cramming hate and failure together and calling it a life's work. He probably became a gay conversion therapist because he didn't know how to meet dudes and had a self-loathing fetish. Copyright Gay Kiss Paradise. If you want the inside scoop on the latest teen girl fads, find yourself a year-old gay man who, after intense prayer, is no longer that.

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Ha ha, in your face, you dead bigot.

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When they never did, he went back himself 40 years later and republished Nation Of Gay Babies as Homosexuality: Most of his intellectual peers would have simply shouted their theories to the other people getting bagels before the free timeshare presentation, but Mason decided to really get to the bottom of it. Kissing is the greatest expression of love, the greatest expression of sensuality.

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