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Additionally, it was hypothesized that there would be an interaction between race and target gender such that African American women would report higher levels of sexual prejudice toward gay men than toward lesbians. Hate Crimes Act, which would have increased punishment for criminals motivated by hatred of a victim's gender, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation, was killed in committee by Texas Senate Republicans. New York Daily News. Princeton Studies in American Politics. Changes on Our Governing Board of Directors.

In a Republican presidential debate, George W.

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Dangerous Liaisons: Blacks, Gays, and the Struggle for Equality

Hearts Full Of Acceptance: Nancy Argenziano to run for Congress As noted previously, only participants who reported exclusive sexual arousal to males and behavioral experiences that were mostly or exclusively with males were included in the analyses Savin-Williams, Transgender rights in the United States. Williams to be honored at annual Tallahassee Gala.

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Religious left emerging to oppose right Research shows growing influence of liberal Christians in politics. While additional questionnaires and procedures were completed, they are unrelated to the present study and, therefore, are not reported. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to John L. Wilson VincentJohn L. August Keeping Broward Economically Competitive: