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I feel that I get a new chance in life. If they absolutely need help or if they need support they know where to go. We're more than grateful to be a part of something like that and help people live life. Do you think if they kept you, then you couldn't be bothered to fight to get off the label and you would've just stayed with them? I'm excited about the fact that we're putting out our own record. My friend made this collage when he realized Gerard Way and I followed the same hairstyle patterns throughout the years.

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Now, they are working on artwork and video direction.

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The Used’s Bert McCracken Talks New Album, Becoming a Business Man

Tell us a little bit about the album, the song themes and the sound. Why did you decide to do the Take Action Tour? But I think keeping it this broad and vague is perfect for what we're trying to go for because the possibilities are endless at this point. This was before either of us had ever even kissed a boy. We're more than grateful to be a part of something like that and help people live life. There's no success without failure along the way. Being with Warner for 10 years, noting the inner workings there, are there things that were positive that you took and applied to Anger Music Group or even tips from speaking with fellow musicians who have their own label?

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To be able to work with kids who are sick, who have never really been around it, it's amazing to see. The mistakes are part of who I am. But I didn't respond in time to claim it, so it was given to someone else. Follow us on Instagram altpress. She smiled and told me that's who she would have gone to see, too.

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