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Please get your own. I hope at least if you don't help that you at least don't go against us. I do not know if he created humans gay or not. I hope the law will be enforced against heterosexuals that partake in that kind of behaviour. His ordained Word should not be changed. Create Your Free Account. Rehoboth theater seeks support for new building.

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How can this man be president of anything.

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A police officer is not judging when he tells somebody something is against the law. Animals sense or instincts, Are not really to make a animal do what it does not want to do. Studies have shown that percentage wise there is more domestic violence among gay couples who live together than among straight couples. Homosexuality needs to be discussed by examining the scientific, economical, social-psychological, health and other implications of homosexuality on human life and whether it can be treated through cognitive and behavioral therapy or is it a genetic issue. Actually, we have some of the best informed people in the Americas in our corner!

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Christians are to obey the human authorities as long as the civil laws do not compel us to disobey the Word of God. As we started long ago, sex with a drunken person is illegal, because the person even if they can talk and say yes, are not able to understand what they are saying yes to. The worst of them are those who do not want to know. It is a gay LBT group. Then the debate should have been titles as such, or the question should have been more clear in comparing homosexual sex acts to bestiality's sex acts.

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