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What made this round of handshakes even more funny is that all three of us had erections. Did you know what it means? In my experience, speedo have many benefits: The last few weeks I have been working a bunch, Kip and I have two projects that we are working on which I hope you guys like and it has meant some late nights looking at the screen. My only concern with that is just how discrete the Swim Coach is and that might upset him and just might not be something he is interested in. Members Only. But, the rest is for members only.

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Guess what he wears at the beach….

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I was told by Adam that while he knows I love wearing speedos, they would have to go. In case you missed any of it check out these blog posts describing in very explicit detail what I got up to: Just a usual Friday afternoon here in Australia. Ow, and the movies archive is now over hours of HD footage!!!

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Might be worth a try.

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