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At a party, one of my coaches gestured toward me, flustered, and said: The coach swooped in with a follow-up before I could even finish the sentence. Speculation has existed for years that she is a lesbian. She isn't a stereotype. I was the only straight girl on my team that first season. That is not to say she lacked trepidation in coming out, worried that it might hurt her chances of making the Olympic team or make sponsors wary of using her to endorse their softball gear. After two seasons on Kate Drohan's staff at Northwestern, she'll take a break from coaching in the college ranks while still working at camps and clinics to focus on playing for the Pride and Team USA.

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My father is a softball coach, and I began to play the game at an early age — I learned how to throw a soft ball before I could talk.

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Stereotypes haunt softball

After all, the league is a social setting for like-minded women to meet each other. Hays began with ESPN in If you play softball, you are gay. At the end of my first season, my coach asked me if I was in a relationship. I would probably be hiding who I am, or I would be not living my truth. By Lappin's senior year of high school, she had started to understand that she was attracted to women, but she continued to date men well into her time at Stanford.

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Lappin didn't come out publicly until after she graduated from Stanford, yet she credits the comfort level she had confiding in teammates and the reaction she received in easing her own anxiety. Stereotypes might suggest otherwise, but anyone with any sense sees through the generalizations. As a result, softball can itself paradoxically become a breeding ground of intolerance among those on the inside seeking to assert a place within the supposed normalcy of heterosexuality. She isn't a stereotype. Bayern's Anfield draw hardly a nightmare for Liverpool 17h Mark Ogden. But it forced me out of the closet with my lesbian softball team. That's what made her so valuable for the Olympic team, she could play a number of positions.