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Great place and vibe! This is something that I just think is so absurd and funny and kind of wildly sexy—the crotch grab. I had a tremendous sense of pre-emptive defensiveness about Arcade being mistaken for memoir. The Party Room at 15th Ave. The most obvious code is simple eye contact, of course, which is really the language of gay cruising. Inquire at the front desk for more details.

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What was the attraction to cruising culture and this video arcade that inspired you to write Arcade?

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Besides our scheduled events, The Party Room is available for rental for your event! Great place and vibe! The Party Room at 15th Ave provides a nightclub experience within our adult entertainment emporium. No reproduction of the above is permitted unless granted by the copyright holder. We welcome first time guests to take a tour of our top-rated adult emporium. Follow Us on Twitter!

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The Party Room at 15th Ave. It was a surprise—and a horror—to learn that someone else had written a novel about cruising that was scheduled to come out so soon before mine, but in fact I was quite lucky to have such a terrific book pave the way and open up this conversation. Finding sex partners becomes like applying for a job—and so a certain kind of grittiness is lost. Follow Us on Twitter! I had a tremendous sense of pre-emptive defensiveness about Arcade being mistaken for memoir. Many of us associate gay cruising with the likes of public bathrooms or secluded parks at night. But for writer Drew Nellins Smith, a video arcade became the place where the world of gay cruising opened up for him.

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