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Rollover the newer one! He wants another go. Never one to just give up Logan merely intensified his struggles. Now I already had a sketch of that particular pose already done and waiting for a different trio of characters, so I convinced Timemonkey to let me experiment with some different posing. Logan's eyes widened as he saw that Scott was unzipping and fishing around in his crotch.

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Yea, work that fan-boy knowledge!

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Because that was exactly what Scott wanted. And he was usually drunk when it had happened. After the eighth such hit it happened. It was more than a minute before he could find his voice to speak. Like an electric current, the waves of ecstasy travelled up his spine, fried his neural circuitry and reverberated back down to his pelvis. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Rollover for the naked X-Ray version! Caught Commissioned by Timemonkey, Cyke walks in on his brother enjoying a 3-some with Northstar and Iceman. Momentarily drained, Scott collapsed upon Logan's torso, Logan's seed smearing both their muscular bodies, one smooth, one hirsute. Bear lovers can enjoy man-Beast, X-Lovers can enjoy blue-Beast and athro-lovers can enjoy cat-Beast all in the same piece! Logan's vision grew blurry and then dark as the sheer force of his climax ripped through his loins, draining his cum reservoirs of their manly essence. Click the images to go to individual pages where you can toggle his hairstlye.

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