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He did not have to tell them; his family took care of that for him. Since there is no way to create a fully functional penis yet, he will be holding off on that one. Here's why that could happen: Knowing more about my body, feeling in control of my sex life, and having a clear understanding of what can and can ' t make me orgasm is a whole hell of a lot more important to me than worrying about a few measly millimeters. He has noticed that the testosterone he injects every other week actually softens the fatty tissue in his breasts, making it easier to bind them down in order to look flat-chested.

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I still have my prostate, and my anus stretches faster than my vagina.

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I went through the surgery at the same time as a girlfriend. How did you learn how to use your new body? Views Read Edit View history. I wanted to be sure I was fully aware of the risks to my health prior to beginning any hormones.

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