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Claims Validator, Writer. Joni Christian from Ravenna, Ohio. As a child, when I first learned the concept of 'God' I would pray every night that I would wake up with a male body. No one else is experiencing gender or relearning of themselves in the same way. Given the advice "follow your child's lead" my parent's let me come to terms with my gender.

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Not since my grandmother had told us if we could kiss our elbow we could change sex had I been so excited.

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Some days it felt like my body was becoming increasingly poisoned by my own testosterone. It's true that hormone therapy radically changes your body, but not always in ways you might expect. I had known for most of my life that I was somewhere in the middle, and that I didn't fit with men or women.

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My wife is still strong by my side as is my daughter with both being an amazing support.

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