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Villiers took the hint and walked to the 00's side. And it was then that William found himself in yet another predicament. He didn't know why Bond was letting him do this to him and right now he didn't care. Er, came out with the news, that is. As they looked into each other's eyes, both saw desire, wanting, and love…the last one barely floating along in the depths of their shared gazes. But Bond had his enigmatic smile. He drew himself a bath and added some jasmine bath salts until the water was slightly misty, the semi-hot water taking away his muscle stiffness from being immobile for the better half of an hour.

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The hold, however, was at quite a distance from the Jack's current location on the gangplank, and he supposed he ought to deal with whatever thrilling news Will might be delivering before attempting to find another peanut.

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He couldn't meet Villier's brown eyes. Or perhaps he could even choose a soap that was a bit more To his surprise, Bond was already half-hard. I seriously burn for you. Bond surprised him again by swallowing his drops without showing disgust, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Around his 10th glass, Amanda had given him a few bottles of water so he wouldn't drink himself unconscious and do something stupid.

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Villiers bit his lip, suddenly aware that Bond's first question didn't really require a detailed answer. Finally, after slipping into his favorite leather buckle shoes, William took a moment to survey his reflection in the mirror. So stop me if I'm wrong but right now we're alone and you're still on your feet and I do remember my name. His hands left Villiers' hair to grab the arm-rests. Half a dozen couples were dancing. Just In All Stories: