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For example, they couldn't get married or adopt children. Should there be more sport in schools? Penny Mordaunt, the minister for women and equalities, said: In comments released with the plan, the prime minister said the survey had highlighted where more efforts were needed. The page plan contains a series of pledges, including to improve the police response to LGBT hate incidentsmore support for LGBT students and teachers and improvements to gender identity services for transgender adults.

What has happened since?

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One in 50 people in UK now say they are lesbian, gay or bisexual

Same-sex marriage now legal in England and Wales 29 March 29 March Many people argued that this prevented teachers from talking about gay relationships. Compared to two decades ago, Britain is almost a different country. Professor Brian Heaphy, an expert from the University of Manchester, explains: Mental health Health news.

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Is that demon gone? What is homophobic bullying? Since the age of 16, Hudson has been building his vocal skills, gigging with bands in the UK underground scene, developing a powerful style with influences which include Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske and Sebastian Bach. Even though this happened, there were still many laws in place at the time which meant that gay people did not have the same rights as people who were not gay. A consultation on this is to begin soon.