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In the Hebrew language, when souls are knit together in love, that indicates passionate romantic sexual love. Instead, the authors combine careful research with a tremendous respect for God's Word, using humor, personal stories, and Biblical examples to make their case. The platonic interpretation of David and Jonathan's relationship is advocated by the religious writer Robert A. When Jonathan and David parted company for the last recorded time in 1 Samuel You cannot get around the fact that the Bible says gay sex is flat-out wrong. I am distressed for thee my brother Jonathan:

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David said to Jonathan:

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Charisma Magazine

Visit the website for Bible study resources, prayer support, online sermons, a weekly internet radio show, and a supportive community of GLBT Christians from across the theological spectrum. Gay saint and his "earthly light" share romantic friendship. With the candour of the Eastern World that exposes the reserve of Western culture they kissed each other and wept openly with each other. Yet I suspect that leaders in the gay-affirming church movement will continue to come up with more bizarre examples of Scripture-twisting in order to promote their agenda. The narrative of their final meeting is full of tragedy and pathos, and constitutes Exhibit C. Contemporary gay Israeli artist Adi Nes gives shocking clarity to David and Jonathan by using images of homoeroticism and homelessness to subvert stereotypes about people in the Bible.

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There are no options. Saul is consistent in one goal. The armor and weapons of a prince were important symbols of his power and status. In life and in death they were not divided; they were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions. Is It a Choice? When Jonathan and David parted company for the last recorded time in 1 Samuel They are shunned, condemned, judged, ostracized and otherwise subjected to sundry other anti-Christian abuses by the majority of Christians.

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